Technological development

Our team work is ready to cover all the stages of a software development, and linked with a design equipment, make the creation of strong, attractive and useful tools possible.

Trust in us to boost your project.

Development web services

Custom web developments

If you have an idea or a project to carry out; tell us and we will adapt to your necessities.

Content Management Systems

To manage your contents and offer updated information to your users about your products' catalogue or news about your business, and if you want to show your participation in a congress or your personal opinion.


If a real shop is not enough for your business or your concept of trade goes further on, you need a complete system for selling, distributing and administering your products' catalogue .

e-mail Marketing

Promote your products or services through e-mail marketing campaigns and monitor the results in order to plan the following action.

Corporate Websites

Nowadays a business does not exist if it is not on the Internet, take this option if what you need is mainly a corporative or advertising Website where contents are aside.

Blogs and Social Media

If you are interested in social media, your business not only must have a presence on the Internet but also must to capture new potential clients and even analyzing the preferences in the social networking.
If this presence in the media includes a Blog, we can adapt convectional blog systems (Wordpress, MovableType, Blogger) to your necessities.


We use powerful and agile frameworks of web development. Some of them are:
  • CakePHP (PHP, MVC)
  • CodeIgniter (PHP, MVC)
  • Ruby on Rails (Ruby, MVC)
  • Django (Python, MVC)

We do Web 2.0
  • AJAX
  • Microformats
  • Social Media

Our applications fit into
  • REST o XML
  • JSON
  • Contents Syndication RSS/ATOM

The features that make us different

  • Developers and designers, we are in the same team creating applications for the user
  • We use lively methodologies and quick prototyping
  • We are strict with the standards:
  • We support the semantic web and Microformats
  • Accessibility is important

Desktop Development Services

Adobe AIR

Multi-platform desktop applications (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux) with similar characteristics to web applications; very interesting to implement desktop interfaces for your web applications or create Widgets.

Enterprise Applications

These Applications are destined to those particular necessities that cannot be solved by a web application. We work with Microsoft.NET and Java EE technologies.

Mobile development Services

Specialized Web Applications

We adapt the interface of your web in order to make its visualization on a mobile device easier.

Native Applications

We develop applications in a native way to different mobile platforms:
- Apple iPhone / iPad
- Google Android
- Symbian / S60, Windows Mobile, Java ME

We like...

  • Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
  • jQuery as JavaScript framework
  • MySQL as DBMS
  • vi as text editor
  • Git for project versioning
  • github as a source of knowledge
  • PHP and Ruby languages
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Aptana IDE
  • TextMate

«Multiply your business effectivity and save time while using the technology we are offering to you»

Some of our clients